Peach Oil for Body Aches

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By Elaine Stavert

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Use this Peach Oil as an oil rub or in a bath to provide relief for sore muscles and joints.
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Beauty Oils and Buttersby Elaine Stavert (GMC, 2010) contains over 30 recipes for body butters and oils that will have you feeling and looking your best. Get detailed information on herbs, aromatherapy and essential oils, and more. This recipe helps treat achy joints and muscles with a blend of carrier oils and essential oils.

Throughout history, the essential oils in this blend, together with the olive oil, have been used to rub into aching joints or muscles to ease discomfort and to soothe the skin.This recipe will make approximately 10 1/2 oz (300 ml) of oil.


• 5 1/4 oz (150 ml) peach oil (or apricot or sweet almond oil)
• 5 1/4 oz (150 ml) olive oil
• 24 drops (1.25ml) eucalyptus essential oil
• 12 drops cajeput essential oil
• 12 drops black pepper essential oil
• 12 drops ginger essential oil


1. Combine all the ingredients and mix thoroughly, then pour into a bottle.

Excerpted from Beauty Oils & Butters by Elaine Stavert, published by GMC ($14.95, available from www.tauntonstore.com).

Published on Mar 13, 2018