Seeds of Joy

By Amy
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See this sweet face?

At first glance you might mistake our Little Miss Tessa as a cat. If you thought so, then I must tell you, you are wrong. She’s not a cat at all, in fact she’s public enemy No. 1 when it comes to my houseplants!

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at what she did to my orchid. Shock! Horror!

Let’s just say I was not a happy girl when I found out. I did my best to keep that little pygmy goat out of my houesplants, but nothing I did kept her out of the orchids and African violets. Nothing worked until I brought home some wheatgrass from the market to add to my morning juice. Can you say, goat-kitty lottery?! Literally Tessa went cat loony.

But here’s the thing, now she was attacking my wheatgrass, so I had to keep it under a garden cloche but when I did that, she’d rub her face all over the glass. Seriously? What type of animal is she? Finally, I figured, “Hey, if she likes the wheatgrass maybe she’ll stay out of the house plants.”

By golly it worked like a charm!

So I took the wheatgrass out of the plastic container plopped it into a planter, added some dirt and a bit of water and voila! Tessa’s very own garden. And talk about a happy cat, she noshed on that wheatgrass like a lion on a gazelle.

At this point we’re thinking she’s not quite normal. Somewhere in that little cat body of hers, she most definitely has goat DNA.

After about three weeks of buying wheatgrass for said goat-kitty, which can add up rather quickly, I figured why not buy some seeds and reseed as we go.

Now to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure the seeds would germinate in our kitchen with very limited sunlight. Nor did I think they’d hold up against Tessa walking all over them (she has a weird knack of climbing into the planter and sitting on top while noshing on the grass that sticks out around her – yeah … I know, she’s weird!) But so far, so good. The seeds are surviving her abuse and sprouting rather quickly.

I have to say that as a new gardener this brought me a jolt of joy when I first spied the seedlings sprouting.

Funny how life can be that way sometimes. You have an idea, you put it into motion, hope and pray it works, and then when you have that first glimpse that you’re making progress, WHAM! Pure joy!

That’s me with this wheatgrass. Because it would seem (fingers crossed here …) that Tessa loves having her very own “garden” enough to keep those fangs of hers off my orchids and violets, which makes me very, very happy!

So while this gardening success is small in the scheme of things, to me, it’s huge because it’s a win-win. The goat-kitty gets her daily dose of plant material, and my houseplants don’t shake in fear every time she steps into the room!

Therefore there is peace and harmony once again in our suburban garden.

Until next week,
Blessings & Best Wishes,