Social Security Connection-December 2008

Q: Can people receiving Social Security disability benefits work part time? If so, how many hours can they work, and is there a maximum amount of money they can earn? – Reader, Kansas

A: Yes, people receiving Social Security disability benefits can work. The earnings limit for nonblind disabled individuals for 2008 is $940. Higher earnings limits exist for blind disability beneficiaries.

Also, disabled individuals are entitled to a Trial Work Period after they first become entitled to monthly benefits. There are no earnings limits during this Trial Work Period. If you return to work, however, you need to contact your local Social Security office for further information.

Q: My mother has been receiving Social Security disability benefits for the past 11 years. She will reach her full retirement age next February. At that time, does she need to contact the Social Security office and have them switch her to regular retirement benefits, or will they automatically do it for her? – B.A., Missouri

A: The benefits will automatically switch from disability to retirement benefits at a person’s full retirement age.

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