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Unpredictable situations are part of daily life, and leaving your survival bracelet at home is not something you want to do. There’s no end to the number of circumstances when having an extra length of rope on hand could be a lifesaver.

The new Survival Straps Fishtail survival bracelet series caters to outdoor enthusiasts and intensive laborers looking for gear that can function well in everyday life situations.

Woven from the same military grade paracord as the original survival bracelet, but with a flatter-layering weave, the Fishtail is available in three widths and 38 colors that can be mixed to create a custom two-tone look.

In a pinch, the Fishtail can be unwound, leaving you with a length of rope rated up to 500 pounds. The Fishtail also features a breakaway closure system for safety, should the bracelet ever get caught while you’re working.

To order the Fishtail, go to http://www.survivalstraps.com/men/original-survival-straps/regular-survival-bracelet.html/?c=ss&gclid=CMSi7MDSiroCFWpk7AodOxcAUQ.