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By The Capper's Farmer Editors

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This compact Bluetooth speaker packs a big punch and is a great gift idea for those who can’t go anywhere without music.
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Loved ones will appreciate a gift that protects all their electronic devices.
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In addition to a two-way radio/emergency device, this gift also delivers peace of mind to recipients.
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This little portable charger makes an excellent gift for anyone who needs to stay connected with their phones, tablets and laptops.
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This portable Bluetooth speaker will make a great addition to the garage or shop.
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For the selfie-takers in your life, this selfie stick will no doubt be a favorite gift.

For the teens and anyone else who’s into the latest and greatest technology, the following products are sure to be a welcome gift. From Bluetooth speakers and portable chargers to emergency preparedness two-way radios and selfie sticks, we’ve got your tech-loving family and friends covered.

Altec Lansing Mini H2O Bluetooth Speaker

Does your gift-giving list include a teenager who can’t go anywhere without music? What about someone who enjoys camping, fishing and canoeing? How about an avid runner or jogger? If so, then consider giving them a Mini H2O Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

This rugged speaker may be small, but don’t let that deter you. Although it’s compact, it packs a mighty big punch. In addition to voice confirmation and an onboard microphone for hands-free communication, the speaker features 6 hours of battery life, it’s waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and it floats, which makes it a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast who just can’t live without music.

Where to buy:Target

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Compact, so it’s easy to take anywhere. Great volume and sound from such a small speaker. Nice price for a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof device.

Great Useful Stuff (G.U.S.) Tech Gear Travel Sleeves

For anyone who travels frequently, Great Useful Stuff (G.U.S.) offers a set of Tech Gear Travel Sleeves to keep all things electronic safe and out of harm’s way.

The package includes a set of four sleeves – a large sleeve designed to hold a laptop; a medium sleeve that’s perfect for a tablet; a small sleeve that will hold a Fitbit; and a tiny sleeve for holding an iPod Nano and earbuds.

Each sleeve features an exterior mesh pocket for storing chargers and cords, genuine leather trim, and heavy-duty zippers for security. Made of lightweight and padded spun polyester, the sleeves offer great protection.

Be sure to check out all the other “great useful stuff” G.U.S. has to offer, from charging stations and kitchen caddies to storage bins.

Where to buy:Great Useful Stuff

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Convenient storage solution that keeps devices and cords together. Easy to pack in suitcases and duffle bags. Nice look and design.

Motorola Talkabout T480 Emergency Preparedness Two-Way Radio

With the holidays comes winter, and we all know that winter brings with it the possibility of heavy snow and ice, which have the potential of causing power outages. While we may not experience power outages on a regular basis, it’s always good to be prepared for when we do. With that in mind, the Talkabout T480 Two-Way Radio makes a smart and sensible family gift.

This radio was designed to be an emergency preparedness communication device, in addition to a two-way radio. There are numerous emergency features, including a wall/desk stand that makes it easy to keep the radio fully charged at all times, a built-in FM radio that allows the user to listen to weather updates, and a built-in LED flashlight that automatically turns on when power is lost.

Besides being an emergency device for power outages when you’re at home, the Talkabout T480 is a great “tool” to take along on road trips, hiking or backpacking adventures, and when camping. The weatherproof radio is built to withstand the effects of rain, snow and other conditions, and comes equipped with an emergency alert button, which transmits an alert siren to notify anyone nearby that someone is in danger. The T480 has a range of up to 35 miles, depending on terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference, and obstructions.

The package includes one radio, along with a rechargeable battery, a wall charging cable, a belt clip, a wall/desk stand, the user’s guide, an accessory brochure, and an emergency preparedness checklist. While it only includes one radio instead of two, like most radios, it is compatible with any other two-way radio.

Give loved ones peace of mind when you give them the Talkabout T480. For that matter, get yourself one, too, so you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you’re ready for an emergency situation, should one ever arise.

Where to buy:Amazon

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Good sound quality. Rugged. Easy to use. Lots of useful features. Nice price for an emergency device. We can’t say whether it works at the 35-mile range, but it worked well within a couple miles with lots of trees and hills.

MyCharge Hub Plus Portable Charger

For those on-the-go folks who need to make sure their electronic devices are always charged, myCharge HUB portable chargers make a fantastic gift.

The charges are available in four models, all featuring built-in Apple Lightning and micro-USB charging cables, eliminating the mess of tangled cords. The 3000mAh HUB is basic, while the 6000mAh HUB Plus and the 9000mAh HUB Max also feature built-in wall prongs for simple charging. The 12000mAh HUB Ultra includes a charging dock, which allows it to be fully recharged in as little as four hours.

All of the models deliver superior performance to keep loved ones connected.

Where to buy: Available at retail stores nationwide, and online at myCharge.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Built-in cables and wall prongs are very convenient. Love that there are no messy cords to deal with. Charges quickly, and holds a charge for many hours.

Porter Cable Bluetooth Speaker

Do you know someone who spends a lot of time working in the shop or garage? Wouldn’t being able to stream music from a smart device make all that shop work more enjoyable? Why not consider giving that hardworking person a Porter Cable 20-volt max Bluetooth speaker?

The 4-inch speaker delivers high-performance sound, while Bluetooth allows users to stream music from a smart device. The built-in auxiliary cord provides an alternative way to play music by simply plugging in an MP3 player or smart device. The speaker does not come with a battery, but it can be purchased separately, if desired. A really great feature of this speaker is its compact size – with a carrying handle – which makes it easy to transport the speaker if and when needed.

Where to buy:Lowes

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Great sound quality. Tough and durable. Long-lasting battery life. Convenient auxiliary cord. Easily portable. Nice price.

Vivitar Selfie Stick

For everyone you know who loves to take selfies and post them on Facebook, the Vivitar Selfie Stick would be a great gift.

It includes a Bluetooth-enabled remote, extends up to 40 inches, has a Smart phone cradle and tripod mount, and a 180-degree ball head, making it a cinch to use. The phone holder fits phones up to 3 inches wide, and also works with point-and-shoot digital cameras. The stick is adjustable up to 40 inches, making it easier to get a larger group in the photo.

Where to buy:Amazon

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Remote and extendable stick make taking selfies easier than holding your phone and pushing the button, which oftentimes produces blurry photos. Works well for larger group shots. Nice for vacations when you want the family, as well as scenery, in the photo. Great product at a nice price.

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Published on Nov 2, 2015