Gardening Gear

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Gardening Gear

By Capper’s Farmer Editors

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the gardeners on your gift-giving list, here are some products that will no doubt bring lots of happiness and many years of use.

7-Gallon Tubtrug

The 7-Gallon Tubtrug from Gardener’s Supply Co. is versatile, lightweight, and handy for harvesting, hauling, storing, mixing soil, and much more. The tubtrug is bendable, with flexible handles that makes it simple and comfortable to carry with one hand. Made of polyethylene, the tubtrug has a 15-inch-diameter top and is 12 inches tall. Available in a variety of colors. Also available in other sizes.

Where to buy: Gardener’s Supply Co.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Bendable, yet durable. Hose them off when they get dirty. Easy to carry with one hand. Nest multiple tubtrugs for easy storage. Works great for everything from carrying vegetables from the garden to the house, to using as a makeshift water bucket, to filling with ice and drinks for a family gathering.

Curved Pruning Saw

Even the most well-maintained shrubs and trees can need some judicious pruning in the spring, and thanks to its hardened blade of precision filed carbon steel, the Wooden Handled Curved Pruning Saw from Joseph Bentley is the ideal tool. Suitable for cutting branches that are too large for a standard lopper or pair of pruners, this handy saw offers an efficient cut, due to the curved 12-inch blade that provides greater contact with the branch as you saw, and the carefully finished oak handle provides a comfortable grip.

Where to buy: Joseph Bentley; Amazon; online at Home Depot; in select gardening stores

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Well-built, durable tool. Comfortable handle. Easy to use. Sharp steel blade. Cuts almost effortlessly.

Hi-Rise Sprinkler

In an age of plastic, one-season sprinklers, gardeners will appreciate the Hi-Rise Lifetime Sprinkler, exclusively from Gardener’s Supply Co. The sprinkler is constructed of powder coated steel, copper tubing, and brass. The jet nozzle creates a 360-degree spray of fine droplets, without any moving parts, simulating a gentle rain, reaching to 22 feet in diameter. The sprinkler stands five feet high, and the only tool needed for assembly is an adjustable wrench.

Where to buy: Gardener’s Supply Co.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Assembly and set-up is a breeze. Simple to use. Nice, even, gentle flow of water. Great height and reach for watering gardens. Works fantastic.

Outdoor Shoes & Boots

Who wouldn’t love a pair of outdoor shoes or boots from Sloggers? Whether for working in the garden, doing chores around the farm, playing in the rain, or even walking the dog, this outdoor footwear will definitely make a fashion statement. Both the shoes and boots are made from odorless, medical-grade, 100-percent recyclable plastic that’s flexible, tough, and longwearing.

Where to buy: Sloggers

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Bright, bold colors and patterns. Comfortable fit. Easy to slip on and off. Hose them off to clean them. Love that they’re made in America.

Soaker Hose System

Help your favorite gardeners – including yourself – create a convenient way to water by giving them the Garden Row Snip-n-Drip Soaker System, exclusively from Gardener’s Supply Co. With this system, water is applied where it’s wanted, and not where it’s not. The weeping action of the soaker hoses delivers water right to the roots, with minimal loss due to evaporation and runoff. The system includes 100 feet of ½-inch soaker hose, 25 feet of ½-inch garden hose, one faucet adapter, one quick-connect with coupler, three 3-way hose couplers, one hose coupler, and four end plugs. Easy-Out Earth Staples (sold separately) hold the soaker hoses firmly in place.

Where to buy: Gardener’s Supply Co.

Comments from the Capper’s Farmer editors: Easy installation and set-up. Works great. Saves time, water, and stress on your back.

NOTE: For garden faucets with high water pressure, a Pressure Regulator should be used to ensure lower pressure, so as not to damage the hoses.

Published on Sep 30, 2016