Hiatus is Over and the Farm is Waking Up for Scrambled Eggs

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By Lori Havens | Apr 6, 2015

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After taking a month-long hiatus from the farm in order to see to my parents’ move to an assisted living apartment, my husband and I finally returned to celebrate Easter with our son, Farmer Bryan, at the beautiful farm in Wisconsin! One of my favorite moments was when I walked into the barn, greeted Kuzco (our llama) and the four ewes, who are no longer so skittish and afraid of my presence … and then opened the door to the brooder where the young layer chicks have been since their arrival last December at the age of two days.

When I left to help my parents, this is what they looked like … juveniles, pretty much allover white in color:

Oh, the chicken loveliness that greeted me today! Beautiful, grown-up laying hens of the most soothing cream color, many showing brown flecking at their necks and wing tips …

We are looking for their first eggs toward the end of this month or early May. It has about killed me to have to buy eggs at a store this winter since our last batch of layers finished their careers at our farm … can’t wait to have our own fabulous, fresh, orange-yolked pastured eggs again! If you’ve never had a farm-fresh egg from hens who live a free-to-roam life on a chemical-free pasture, you’ve missed an incredible experience! I can’t encourage you enough to find a local farmer from whom you can buy a couple dozen of these amazing little orbs! If you find yourself in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, our “girls” will be out on the pasture and we’ll be sure you get to try a REAL egg!

To celebrate the soon-to-arrive eggs, I’ll share my favorite method for preparing delicious scrambled eggs … this scrumptious recipe was taught to me by my mom, and turned my husband, who never liked eggs, into a total fan!

Scrambled Eggs For Two

4 strips bacon
6 farm fresh eggs
Small splash (about 2 tablespoons) milk (I like 2%)
3 or 4 drops Tabasco sauce
6 drops Worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon seasoned salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 tablespoon butter

Cook the bacon crisp in frying pan; remove to paper towels to soak up grease and let cool. Crumble into a small bowl and set aside. Pour off excess grease from pan, leaving just a coating behind. Set pan aside.

Break eggs into a medium bowl. Add the remaining ingredients:

  • milk
  • Tabasco sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • seasoned salt
  • pepper

Whisk thoroughly until combined.

Melt butter in the frying pan (with the bacon grease coating) over low to medium-low heat. Swirl pan to coat entire bottom surface with melted butter. Add eggs. Cook S-L-O-W-L-Y, stirring, until eggs are almost solidified but not completely. Add bacon crumbles and stir into eggs. Watch them carefully … they are done when they are no longer liquidy/runny, but not completely dry … they should have a lovely, creamy texture. Enjoy!

FIRST NOTE: If eggs are cooking too quickly (causes dryness and toughness), remove the pan from the heat for a little while to slow them down.

SECOND NOTE: If I’m out of Worcestershire sauce, I will use a light shake of garlic salt for flavoring. Be sure to omit the seasoned salt if you do this!

FINAL NOTE: Of course, you can increase this recipe to feed as many folks as you need to … I go with 1 drop Worcestershire sauce per egg, for as many eggs as you use. Easy on the Tabasco sauce as you increase the eggs! Also, when doubling any recipe, use only half as much salt, or even less, as you make the increases. You can always add extra salt at the table!

Published on Apr 6, 2015