A Long Three Weeks

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As I write this, we have made it to February. Looking back on the first month of 2016, I have realized how much I have come to depend on a computer and wi-fi a little too much. It took the library closing for three weeks for it to really sink in.

The new year came with great news for the library, new carpet for the main floor. That meant that books had to be taken off the shelves, shelves and computers moved just to get started on the project. Not a problem for most unless you’re behind the times like me. I don’t have a computer or wi-fi at home, so the library is my lifeline to the internet, social media and the blog that I write for Capper’s Farmer. After the three week closure, I realize just how many hours each week I spend with the computer. The library really is like a second home to me!

Ok, I will admit, I do have an iPod. Comes in handy for Istagram, Flickr, and an occasional tweet providing that I borrow my stepdad’s van to search for wi-fi at the local McDonalds. With such a small screen, email and writing a blog was out of the question. I need a bigger screen, or at least that’s what my brain tells me. So to get through my wi-fi withdrawal, I went back to the good old days. You know, when a book was an actual book and not an e-book. Thank goodness I’m a nerd with plenty of material to read. I’ve got so many that I think I’m close to being qualified as a hoarder. But that will be for another blog.

I actually found time to watch all three seasons of Millennium. Imagine that! I actually found time! I’ve had the dvd set for several weeks and now I’ve gotten through all 66 episodes. I have watched tv via antenna for well over 20 years so I missed the series when it was on tv and was devastated to not be able to watch my favorite actor, Lance Henriksen. Now, I can say that all is right with the world, almost.

I’ve caught up on my books, I have watched my favorite series and am back at the library, attached to the wi-fi and computer again. That is, until they decide to remodel again. In which case, I hope I don’t lose the tv antenna and dvd player.