A Love for Books

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I must admit something. I love books. It’s a love that has me in a literal bind.

I have found myself to be a person with too many books. Why? Well, I’ve yet to get one that I can part with once I’m done reading it.

Unless, of course, if it’s a library book. Then I have to take it back or else pay a fine.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years and it has worked out great for me. Of course that doesn’t solve my problem with the stash of books that I’ve got at home.

I go through them and always find ones that I just can’t part with and a stack, although slightly smaller, that I’m finally able to come to terms with in regards to letting them go. So what to do with that stack?

I could have a yard sale. Of course, I’ve never been good at holding yard sales.

At the end of the day, I’m usually still stuck with most of what I was trying to get rid of to begin with. I can donate them to the library when they have one of their book sales that they do twice a year.

Of course, I walk by their sale rack every day that they have up year round. A book or two finds their way home with me every so often.

Just the other day, I entered a contest for, you guessed it, a new book. The giveaway was sponsored by Little Free Library.

A free John Grisham book to 120 people and you guessed it, I was one of them. I was so excited!

That got me thinking. Little Free Library has little library kits that you can buy and register on their site.

You put the little library in front of your house, business, etc. and people can stop by and get a free book from your library and even donate their books to your library. That got me to wondering if I could build my own little library and register it onto their site.

Now that’s an idea and project that I like!

The John Grisham book that I received from the Little Free Library giveaway.

Photo property of Mel Boone.