Act of Kindness Paid Back Double

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Photo By Fotolia/David Hughes
A simple act of kindness, like giving driving directions, can go a long way in making someone's day.

One day in the parking lot of the local Home Depot, an
out-of-town couple asked my husband and me for directions. Knowing that the
location was difficult to get to, my husband simply said, “Follow me.”

To get to the store these people were looking for, you had
to exit the city to the suburbs, but I was pleased that my husband had offered
to go a bit out of our way to do this for a stranger. The couple was very
grateful for the escort.

A few weeks later I was in a neighboring city and missed the
expressway exit I wanted. It was late evening, dark and cloudy, with
thunderstorms looming, and I couldn’t find my way. I stopped at a store to ask
for directions. The reply was, “I’m going that way, follow me. When we get to
the circle, I’m taking the second exit. You need to take the fourth exit off.”

The next week, our daughter had a meeting in the capitol
city. She took the correct exit, but the driving directions after that didn’t seem
right, so she stopped for directions. “It’s only a few blocks, but there are
some one-way streets. Follow me, and I’ll get you there,” was the response.

“Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it
after many days.” This scripture, Ecclesiastes 11:1, is so true.

Vernon, New York

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