Adoption Stories: Children Excited to Add Siblings to Family

Adoption isn’t a word I rarely think of anymore, but there was a time when my husband and I thought about it a lot.

We had heard on the news about the need for volunteers to come to a hospital and rock/hold a newborn and give the infant some TLC until the child could be placed in a foster home. The news report mentioned that mothers of some newborns had skipped out and left the babies in the hospital.

My husband and I were happy and content with our already perfect family: a son, a daughter and a dog. However, thinking of these children kept nagging at us. We knew we didn’t have a lot of material things to give, but we felt sure that we had enough love to offer another child.

At last, we decided we wanted to adopt, and we told our children what we wanted to do. Their reaction was immediate. “Let’s get a boy AND a girl.”

We filled out the application and talked met with a social worker. We explained that we didn’t want a baby, that we’d like an older child since everyone seems to want to adopt a baby and not an older child.

In a matter of months, the most beautiful 20-month-old little boy came into our lives. About a year later, a petite 4-year-old little girl joined the family. Our four children as very close. They have been there for each other over the years. They are all successful adults now, and we are proud of each of their accomplishments and of the kind and thoughtful person each has become.

Colorado Springs, Colorado