Wife Enjoys Playing April Fool’s Prank on Husband

A wife plays an April Fool’s prank involving her husband’s retirement fund.

| March/April 2012

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An April Fool’s prank dealing with money can shock anyone.

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Thirty-five years ago, I had the good fortune to marry either the most gullible or the least revengeful man around. Martin never got angry and never tried to get even with me for the many tricks I’ve played on him.

I’ve left rubber chocolates in the candy dish. I added an inch of water to the rain gauge after a storm one time. And once, when we were having a problem with gophers, Martin tried to catch one, only to discover it was plastic. Those are just a few of the fun pranks I’ve played on him over the years.

April Fool’s prank

The best prank, though, took place one April Fool’s Day. Each year just before tax time, we get the yearly statement from Martin’s retirement fund showing how much his benefit has been for the year. One year, the statement arrived on April 1, so I typed a few lines onto the bottom of the statement saying that due to a miscalculation upon the date of his retirement, he had been overpaid for six years, and that his next monthly payment would be for the correct amount. I told him that in addition, he would have to call the benefits office to make arrangements to repay the overpayment, either with a further reduced benefit or a suspension of payments until the account was correct.

I finally came clean with him that it was another prank. If Martin had ever considered murder, this would have been the time!

Mary Ann
Cottonwood, Arizona

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