Stories of Camping Adventures

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Illustration By Wayne Stroot
A couple uses the car window to help them create a makeshift tent on their camping adventure.

Camping is a favorite and inexpensive summer activity for many folks. Roughing it in the wilderness can be an adventure, or sometimes a misadventure. While some enjoy tent camping, others prefer the luxury of a camper. Either way, the experiences are many, and the memories made from sleeping under the stars, fishing or boating with loved ones, and the thrill of campfire cooking are sure to be treasured.

Here are some stories from CAPPER’s readers about their camping adventures.

Camping Adventures

Tent Camping Proved Challenging
Roughing It Was Disastrous
Camping Trip Turns Stormy in Great Basin National Park
Campfire Cooking Was Best Part of Camping
Former Girl Scout Shared Camping Know-How
Family Camping and Fishing Trip

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