Changing Seasons

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The leaves are starting to change color at the family farm.

Each changing season is another chance for Mother Nature to use her own set of watercolors. With each season, brings a different set of colors. I can’t say that I have my favorite season, simply because I know that I can always catch Mother Nature’s beauty with my own canvas of choice, my camera.

The fall colors come just in time. The colors blend in well with the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays and decorations. The colors also make a wonderful back drop as I watch local farmers harvest their corn and soybeans and the hunters head out to the woods in search for their deer and turkey. A few days ago, going out to the farm, I watched a deer cross the black top road. An hour later, as I was leaving the farm, I watched two deer cross the field on the few acres across from the farm house. One of the few times that I left home without my camera. I regret not having it with me. However, I was still in awe how beautiful the scene was with the surrounding trees bursting in gold, red and yellow leaves, sparkling in the morning sun.

Enjoying some fall camping at the Macon Co. Fairgrounds.

Campers still come to the local fairgrounds. Some stay as late as Thanksgiving, not leaving until December 1st or later. The threat of snow doesn’t chase them away very easily.

As much as I love camping, I do enjoy being a Sunday driver when the seasons change. I simply love driving along the rivers. The views take my breath away every time. It has been years since I’ve been down in the Ozarks and I miss the scenic drives down there very much.

On a good fall evening, a bonfire ends the perfect day for me. Dear friends sharing stories, roasting hot dogs and smores. Top it off with a cup of apple cider or hot cocoa.

I know that at some point all of those colorful leaves on the trees will be on the ground. That’s ok. Give me a little time and I’ll have a nice pile raked up for my Jack Russell, Jake, to jump into. I’m getting too old to do that, but Jake has enough spunk for the both of us. The joy and memories make the work worthwhile.