Chasing Snowflakes

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Winter is here again. It’s my least favorite time of year. Mainly it’s because it’s cold outside. I have never liked cold weather. Needles to say, you won’t have to worry about me taking a trip to the North Pole anytime soon.

Both my terriers don’t care much for the cold weather either. The only exception is when snow is falling. They have this weird idea that when freshly fallen snow is on the ground and is still falling from the sky, they must go out and chase all the snowflakes coming down.

They run, they jump, the snap at every single snowflake that they can. I’m not sure why these little white flakes hold their attention, but they love it. They probably wish that I had a fenced in back yard so that they could do their chasing without being on a leash. Honestly, I kind of wish that too. I’m sure that I’ve gotten more than one odd look from passing motorists as I run to keep up with Jake and Buddy’s antics, all the while trying to make sure that the leashes don’t tangle.

As for myself, I prefer to watch the snowflakes fall from my kitchen window. I watch the squirrels come out of the trees to get the cracked corn that I have left for them.

I watch the cardinals at the bird feeder dining on the sunflower seeds that I put out for them. Their wonderful red feathers are brilliant contrast against the white of the falling snow.

I do believe that I will have a long winter ahead of me here in northeast Missouri. Snow seems to have come early this year. So far, four or five light snowfalls have come since mid November. It makes me a little sad, but the dogs are happy. They’re always ready to chase snowflakes.

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