City offers ways to stay in shape

I’m fortunate to live in a health-conscious community. Our town has a fully equipped recreation center, a number of public pools and several exercise facilities with programs for people of all ages. We also have scenic bike and walking trails circling the city.

When I’m on summer break from my teaching job, I take full advantage of all our area has to offer. A couple of friends from work and I walk almost every morning, and we take a water aerobics class a couple of days a week.

When it cools off in the evening, I enjoy riding my bike or walking my dogs around our neighborhood and on nearby trails. We also frequently hike in the foothills around Rocky Mountain National Park.

Once school starts again, I often find I’m lacking the time and energy to exercise. It’s especially hard when it’s cold or dark outside.

I do try to work out with my exercise tapes at least a couple of times a week, and I try to walk when the weather permits. It’s enough to keep me going until I can return to my regular outside routine.

Loveland, Colo.