Confidence Boosters Led to Second Job Interview

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For my second job interview, my friend helped me choose a suitable outfit to wear, and she took me to her beautician for a more becoming hairstyle.

When I graduated high school in the early 1940s, jobs were scarce — even more so for girls with no typing skills or business experience.

I had all the confidence in the world, though, that I would find a good job. Not only was I good at math, but I had also excelled at bookkeeping. In fact, I was at the head of my class.

Job interview

When a job came up at a nearby auto industry, I immediately applied for it.

I took my time getting ready for the interview. My limited experience in such matters made it necessary for me to look my best. I curled my hair, pressed my frilly new dress, and applied more makeup to my face than I usually wore.

When I got there, I was ushered into the main office and offered a seat across from a large desk. The man sitting in the chair behind the desk had a list of questions for me, which he proceeded to ask.

Even now, I remember how nervous I was. That high-pitched, trembling voice couldn’t possibly be mine, I thought, as I did my best to answer his questions.

When the interview was over, the man showed me out, explaining that there was another young woman being considered for the job. I happened to know the other applicant, and since I was pretty certain I wouldn’t be getting the job, I was happy for her.

Confidence boosters: Help arrives

I had just walked in the door of my house when the phone began ringing. To my surprise, it was the other job applicant. She was calling to tell me she had turned down the job, and she said if I still wanted the job, she would help me get it.

Her kindness was immeasurable. She helped me choose a suitable outfit to wear, and she took me to her beautician for a more becoming hairstyle. During my makeover, she continuously encouraged me to ask for another interview.

When I asked for another interview, it was granted. That second job interview was my second chance at a good job — a job I worked at for years.

Monrovia, Indiana

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