Dreaming of Campers

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At last, it is time for me to rejoice. Spring has arrived and winter is just a memory for me. My thoughts now shift to attending tractor shows and camping.

In years past, camping at the tractor shows consisted of nothing more than sleeping on the floor of the mini van. With the rear seats removed, there’s just enough room for two people to sleep along with one small dog. When I still had Stubby, he preferred to sleep in the driver’s seat. Jake, who is quite a snuggler, prefers to curl up next to me at night.

On many occasions, I have wished that I had a camper. I don’t need a big one, like the fifth wheel campers that you see that are 20 or 30 feet long. A small, bumper hitch type camper will do just fine for me. I’ve seen small Scamp trailers that are close to 13 feet long that would work for me. Have you seen the short Airstream trailer? I normally see the long ones, so a short Airstream always catches my attention. Then there are the Tab trailers. Those are really cute! The body style is similar to the tear drop trailers made many decades ago. The floor plans that I have found for the Tab trailers show some models that come with a shower, some without a shower. Honestly, I prefer one with a shower.

As with anything else in life, it takes money to buy what you want, along with the taxes, license, insurance and a truck to pull it with. The mythical “money tree” still eludes me. Perhaps someday I will figure out where that leprechaun left the pot of gold. So for now, my dreams stay firmly planted in my mind.

I guess if I wanted to, I could pitch a tent. It is a cheaper alternative to a camper. Then again, maybe I’m getting too lazy. I don’t really want to keep track of all the poles that come with the tent to put it up!