First Date Held an Embarrassing Moment

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Photo By iStockphoto/Noel Powell
Movie theaters today have changed from the old-time theaters of yesteryear.

One winter evening when I was in college, my date and I went to see a movie. It was just starting to sleet when we entered the movie theater, and by the time we came out a couple of hours later, a layer of black ice had formed in the parking lot.

Embarrassing moment

We made our way carefully to the car, and my date unlocked my door. He didn’t wait to make sure I got in, and as I opened the door, I lost my footing. Embarrassed at landing flat on my back, I scurried to get up before he realized what had happened. However, in the process, I lost my footing again, and I went sailing, feet first, under his car.

By this time, my date had gotten into the car and realized I was missing. He called out my name, and since I saw no other way out of the situation, I reluctantly shouted for his help.

To add insult to my injury, he burst out laughing at the sight of my predicament. After gaining his composure, he came to my rescue. Unfortunately, as he was dragging me out from under the car, he lost his traction, and we both went flying backwards, ending up together in a heap.

By then we were both laughing hysterically. It took some careful maneuvering to finally get us both to our feet and safely into the car.

It certainly made for a memorable first date — and one I’m sure neither of us has forgotten.

Loveland, Colorado

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