Entertaining Squirrels

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By Mel Boone | Dec 6, 2016

I find animals to be a wonderful source of entertainment. If a squirrel is involved, not only am I entertained, sometimes I find myself laughing so hard that I cry.

Where I live in northeast Missouri, I see plenty of gray squirrels. Once in a while I will see a red squirrel, but that is a rare occasion for me. If and when I see a red one, it’s usually at the county fairgrounds. The gray ones are everywhere! The library, my backyard, someone else’s yard … well, you get the picture.

At home, I’ve seen as many as four squirrels at one time. They are usually scampering around my backyard as well as the neighbors’ yards, going from tree to tree. A few times I have watched a couple have a great time running around on the hood and gas tank of the old, 1929 McCormick Deering 22-36 tractor in the backyard. If they get startled, it’s an easy jump from the gas tank to the fender, then from the fender to the utility pole. Once on my utility pole, they can get to the neighbor’s tree without ever being on the ground. It’s a good laugh for me until I start wondering how many nuts they have stashed on the old, steel, wheeled tractor. There’s a part of me that’s too scared to go look.

I once read an article about a town that has white squirrels; I think the town has even been on the news. It has been years since I’ve read about them, so I’ve since forgotten the name of the town. I often wonder if the white squirrels are still there. If I could remember the name and knew if those white squirrels were still there, I’d love to take a trip just to see if I could spot them. (If anyone has a better memory than me, please feel free to send me an email, deeregal2@gmail.com).

For now, I’ll just watch the gray squirrels here at home. I’ll be happy to watch them just as long as I don’t find them in my attic!

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