Episodes inspired many runs home

From 1953 to 1957, Private Secretary, which starred actress Anne Sothern, was a popular television show.

Sothern played Susie McNamara, the hard-working secretary of New York talent agent Peter Sands.

Much of the action revolved around Susie’s efforts to resolve the personal problems of her boss, friends and others. Susie’s good-natured attempts to help Mr. Sands, especially in romantic matters, led to complicated, yet very humorous situations.

Most of the time, Susie was assisted by her friend Violet Praskins, who was the nervous and bumbling receptionist at the office.

I used to dash home from school to watch the show. I envied Susie’s exciting life in the big city, performing what I thought was a prestigious job.

I always tried to get my after-school chores and homework finished early so Mom would let me watch TV.

Today, I watch a little more TV than I was permitted to watch while growing up. I usually watch the news and occasionally a sitcom or some other show in the evening.

Herrin, Ill.