Spring is Near

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Spring is almost here. The grass in places is a little greener, and robins are everywhere! At any moment, I expect to see my tulips to start coming up.

After such a long winter, I am totally excited to see spring arrive. The days are starting to get longer now, and the temps outside are starting to rise. With that in mind, I’ll be spending more time outdoors on my days off.

Jake and Buddy will be going on longer walks, too. They want to shake this cabin fever just as much as I do. Travels to area tractor shows will be planned. So that means the dogs will enjoy quite a few car rides in the SUV.

Before long, I will be digging in the dirt as I get ready to plant my garden. There’s nothing better than enjoying the fruits and vegetables that I harvest from my garden every year. The produce tastes so much better to me than what I get from the store. That’s just my opinion on that.

So as I look forward to the arrival of spring, I also keep others in my prayers. The long winter has some areas flooded right now, and the flood waters will soon arrive in other places in due time. So to those affected, I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Photo by Getty Images/KaraGrubis.