Great Fishing Stories and Tales

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Pass the days by going fishing with friends or family.

One of the best ways to pass the time on a lazy summer afternoon is to go to a river, lake or pond and go fishing. Some of the best memories happen during family fishing trips. Whether your dad taught you how to fish or your mom cooked delicious pan fried fish, going fishing is fun for the whole family.

We asked our readers, “As a child, did you enjoy fishing? Where did you fish? Did you go alone or with a parent or grandparent, siblings, cousins, friends or neighbors, or maybe the family dog? Did you have fishing competitions with your fellow fishermen to see who could catch the first, the biggest or the most fish? Was fishing a serious chore meant to put supper on the table, or was it more of a fun activity? Have you ever taken a fishing trip? If so, who went and where did you go? Was it a one-time trip or has it become an annual getaway?”

Take a moment to sit by a lake, with a fishing pole, bought or handmade, and read the best of our CAPPER’s reader stories below.

Great Fishing Stories and Tales:
Impromptu Family Fishing Trip Was Great Fun
Couple Enjoyed Time Fishing With Friends
A Family Tradition: Pan Fried Fish for Breakfast
Catching Fish
Fishermen Tradition in the Family
Friendly Fishing Competition
Fishing Fun and the Fish That Got Away
Lasting Memories of Fishing With Dad
Learning How to Fish Hooks Parents
Fishing for Fun Is a Relaxing Sport
Cousins Enjoyed Summer Fishing Adventures
Fishing for Bluegill
Family Fishing Trips Hold Great Memories
The Rooster and the Bass Fisherman

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A second chance is an opportunity to do something again — with the hope and intention of doing it better.

Maybe you didn’t feel you were the best parent when your children were young, but you had the opportunity to make up for it by being a fantastic grandparent. Maybe a health scare gave you a second chance at life by teaching you to take better care of yourself.

Perhaps you reconnected with an old flame and found love again. Maybe you got a second chance at college or a career. Or maybe you were able to fix a rift among family.

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