The Good Cook

Readers share stories of great cooks and home cooking.

| September/October 2015

  • Making cinnamon rolls
    Kylie's mom, Sylvia, makes her grandmother's famous cinnamon rolls.
    Photo by Kylie Mohler

  • Making cinnamon rolls

We asked Capper’s Farmer readers to send us stories on who they consider the best cook, and why. Here are a couple of the stories we received. We hope you enjoy them.

Home Cooking

Great-Grandma and Mom Top List of Best Cooks
Mother Was Great Teacher in Kitchen

We Want to Hear Your Story

For many of us, pets are part of the family. We want to hear about your special pet – dog, cat, raccoon, horse, goat, rabbit or something else. Did you have him as a child or an adult? Or maybe you still have him. When and where did you get her? What is/was his name? What makes/made her so special? Send us your stories, with a photograph or two (jpeg, at least 300 dpi) if available, and we’ll publish our favorites in a future issue. We may also feature a couple on our Capper’s Farmer website. Email your stories and photos to or send them via the Postal Service to

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If you mail your photos and would like them back, please include an appropriate-sized self-addressed stamped envelope for their return.

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