I Love a Rainy Day

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By Leah

I love a rainy day! Especially after the drought we’ve been experiencing here in Northwest Arkansas. Rain to the farmer is a mixed blessing. Rain means our gardens are watered, our ponds are getting filled, our pastures are nourished, and we can finally burn that brush pile.

It also means that we cannot get out to fix that fence, plow that patch of ground, plant that crop, or just go for that walk in the woods. Instead, we do those chores and any other necessity in mud boots and a rain cape and hope the truck, tractor, or 4-wheeler doesn’t get stuck in the mud.

But after the chores are done, its so nice to take a hot shower, make a cup of coffee or pot of tea and just listen to the sound of rain. I have a tin roof, so it is even nicer for me. You can’t hear it so much inside, but I open my back door and listen to the sound on my porch roof.

I step outside and smell the fresh clean scent of rain and watch the rivulets run across my back yard. I see my garden getting plenty of water and know that those peas will soon be coming up and the cabbages, carrots, turnips and onions will be large and sweet come harvest time. The chickens are all snug in the hen houses, but guinea fowl are not so bright, and they wonder aimlessly around the yard water-logged and chirping disconsolately.

My furry companions, on the other hand, are lulled to sleep by the gentle sound. After a good dry off with their personal towel, Huckey and Beau curl up in their favorite places for a good snooze. DC refused to accompany us out into the rain. Dogs are loyal and will go wherever their owner goes — out into snow, cold, or rain. Cats? They take care of number one! While we three were out doing chores, the purry home companion settled down in his favorite basket in the back of the storage closet to sleep the day away. Even my new Barred Rock chicks found the rain a soothing lullaby.

So now that I am showered, dry, and relaxed, its time for that cup of tea with my own fresh honey and a good old fashioned English Country House Murder. I do love a rainy day!

Published on Mar 28, 2018
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