First Jet Flies Over Outhouse

Here is my story about the
“little house out back.” As we all know there weren’t any
“jets” during WWII. They came right after the war was over. One day I
was sitting in our “little outhouse out back,” my cares forgotten and
deep in thought, when the first “jet” I had ever seen or heard came
zooming over low and fast. I thought it was a bomb coming straight at me. I
came out of the outhouse with my pants down. I think my hair was standing on
end. We live on a farm and thank goodness no one was around to see me. My
husband served two years on a Destroyer during WWII in the Pacific. I thought
to myself, “I sorta know how they must have felt when they heard a

Katharine Hill
Smith Center,

Back in 1955 a call
went out from the editors of the then
asking for readers to send
in articles on true pioneers. Hundreds of letters came pouring in from early
settlers and their children, many now in their 80s and 90s, and from
grandchildren of settlers, all with tales to tell. So many articles were
received that a decision was made to create a book, and in 1956, the first
title – – hit the shelves. Nine
other books have since been published in the
series, all filled to the brim with true tales from Capper’s readers, and we are proud to
make those stories available to our growing online community.