Letters to the Editor from the Capper’s Farmer Fall 2018 Issue

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The cover of the Capper's Farmer Spring 2018 issue shows a couple doing chores on their farm.

Dependent On Magazine Content

Kate Robertson – Kansas City, Kansas
Regarding “Spring Cleaning the Easy Way” by Karen Williams (Spring 2018, Pages 26-29) and “Handy House-hold Uses for Coconut Oil” by Victoria Pitcher (Spring 2018, Page 39)

Kudos to the Capper’s Farmer staff for putting together such an amazing magazine.

I love all the recipes. A lot of magazines use recipes that call for ingredients I’ve never heard of, but not my Capper’s Farmer. You folks know how to cook! All of your recipes look delicious, and although my attempts seldom turn out looking like your pictures, they still taste great. My husband can’t wait for each new issue, because he knows he’ll soon be a guinea pig for a new dish – a job he never gets tired of.

I also get lots of information about the dos and don’ts of gardening. You recently featured a story about spring cleaning with lemons, baking soda, and vinegar. I had no idea how many uses those products had. I also didn’t know how many things coconut oil was good for. Thanks for keeping me in the know!

We’re also learning a lot about raising chickens and bees. We just got started, and we’re hoping to save money and eat better by raising our own meat and honey.

Keep up the good work. We depend on your recipes to keep supper new and exciting, and we relish your advice on all things related to bees and chickens.

Cover Art is Fabulous

Dorothy Black – Chillicothe, Missouri

The Capper’s Farmer cover illustrations are absolutely fabulous! It’s so refreshing to see a magazine cover that doesn’t feature a fancy-schmancy photo of garden vegetables, food, or the sky.

Your magazine is unique, inside and out, and the cover is easy to spot at Dollar General. With other magazines, I often can’t remember if I have the current issue, but I never forget a Capper’s Farmer cover, so I always know if I’ve already bought it.

The cover of the Spring 2018 issue (left) was especially great. I really liked the illustrator’s vision of having one lone chicken in the coop, appearing to supervise the man and woman doing their chores.

My only complaint is that I wish Capper’s Farmer came out every single month!

We’re so glad you enjoy the magazine, Dorothy, and we couldn’t agree more about the cover illustrations. The illustrator, Wayne Stroot, is an amazing artist. – Editors