Letters to the Editor From Our Readers Fall 2014

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Carol Schrock’s handy work.
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Ms. McCallister enjoys her copy of Capper’s Farmer.

Struck a Chord

It was last winter at Thanksgiving that I first saw Capper’s Farmer. I was thrilled as I read it; I enjoyed every article, piece of history, and recipe. I am ordering a subscription today, because it is a magazine you keep and refer to again and again.

When I read “Homemade and Beautiful”, it struck a chord because Hank’s growing-up years sounded like mine – not a lot of money, frugal, and wanted quality in what you had. I don’t sew or make quilts, but I have enjoyed painting/drawing family and friends to give as gifts. Occasionally I do portraits for money, but a lot of it is the joy I find in giving my work to loved ones.

Thank you for reading this letter and for being a part of Capper’s Farmer.

Carol Schrock
Harrisonville, Missouri

Centenarian Reader

A remarkable lady and an inspiration to all of us, my friend Ms. McCallister has followed your magazine, Capper’s Farmer, for many years while living in Kansas and California.

Born in 1905, Ms. McCallister recently celebrated her 109th birthday. She resides at home with a live-in caregiver. She reads the daily newspaper and magazines, watches TV, and enjoys visiting with friends and family. She carries on interesting conversations — and she does not hesitate to correct spelling, speech, etc.

I asked her if she remembered reading this magazine years ago. Her response, in reference to the spring issue, was, “Of course I remember the magazine, but not this one.” Ms. McCallister just might be the oldest senior still reading Capper’s Farmer.

Threasa M. Cheek
Downey, California

Slipped by Us

In your Summer 2014 issue, there are instructions for making essential oils. True essential oils are obtained by distillation and are expensive because it takes so much plant material to obtain enough. What is described in the article is not a true essential oil.

Mary Massingill, via Facebook

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Mary. It appears you are absolutely right. What Meg describes is an infused oil — not the classic essential oil, which, as you rightly point out, is generally distilled. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks again! – Editors

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