Life with Quirks

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By Mel Boone | Feb 9, 2017

I must admit, I have quirks. Don’t worry, I don’t have anything that would be considered contagious and don’t do anything illegal. My quirks are probably just odd enough to put me in the “weird” category.

Hand lotion and lip balm, can you believe it? I cannot get through my day without either one. I have no real preference in brand, although my favorite seem to be Burt’s Bees. I have got them stashed everywhere. Literally! If you don’t believe me, just come to my house and take inventory. I have them stashed in the bathroom cabinet, nightstand drawer by my bed, kitchen table, purse, and the SUV. If I leave and don’t have a travel-sized hand lotion bottle and lip balm in my pocket, it’s back into the house to retrieve them.

I’ve got to be nuts, right? Really, who in their right mind acts like they can’t live any amount of time without these two products? The only thing that I haven’t started doing is making my own. Believe me, if I had the recipes and supplies to start doing it, I would. It’s only a matter of time before I Google it. Perhaps I should start my own support group; however, I fear that I may be the only one to show up at the monthly meetings.

This is almost as bad as my addiction to antique tractors and trucks. There’s already eleven tractors at home. I’m drawn to them like bees to honey. If I see one in parking lot, I’ve got to pull in to look at it. If I see one on a trailer on the road, I follow it in hopes that the driver pulls in someplace so that I can take a moment to admire it.

In a way, I’m glad that I do have these weird quirks. I could have chosen much worse; I could have chosen to start smoking and drinking like my biological dad did. With that in mind, maybe my quirks aren’t so weird.

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