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Good Luck Charms

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By Mel Boone | Mar 5, 2019

Do you have a good luck charm? I barely remember having a “rabbits foot” as a kid. I don’t remember having any bad luck while I had it. Of course, I don’t think I had any good luck either. It must not have been a very good rabbits foot, since I don’t recall having it very long.

There seemed to be plenty of horse shoes around the farm when I was young. Of course, for several years, Mom had various quarter horses that she would ride, and since my grandparents had a farm, she saved money by not having to pay for boarding. A visit from the farrier always meant that there would be horse shoes, but I never got a chance to keep one to put on my wall for luck. However, the sight of one always brings back good memories for me of Dolly and Rusty.

I helped my stepdad in moving one of his friends years ago. What a stroke of luck for her to find not one, but two four leaf clovers in the front yard of her new home! I was and still am envious, and I’m still looking for my first one. For some reason, March seems to be the month that I try to look the hardest for that four leaf clover. I guess it’s because I associate it with St. Patrick’s Day. We all want a little luck of the Irish right? I’m lucky in a way perhaps, since a few of my ancestors came from Ireland. I’ve already got a little green in my blood!

All in all, I will always wish for a good luck charm. Do they really work? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s more of a state of mind. If you think positive, then perhaps luck is already with you.

Photo by Getty Images/AlexRaths.

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