Make a joyful noise

When I think of the phrase, ‘Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,’ I think of my father. He is a preacher, in addition to working in electrical maintenance. At the moment, he volunteers his time at different ministry functions. During my early childhood, he pastured a small country church in North Carolina.

My father loved his congregation. They loved him too. Every Sunday there for a long while, the choir director would encourage my Dad to sing along. I guess he figured it was better than Dad sitting there on stage lost in thought. Dad gracefully would decline, later explaining ‘You don’t really want me to sing.’ Years after he stopped preaching at the country church, the same scenario would play itself out in nursing homes and other ministry gatherings. Dad would gracefully decline to sing.

I do remember a few times that my father gave in and sang along with the congregation. Yes, he was off key. But he sang off key with all his heart. If he was going to praise God in front of everyone on stage, then he was going to give it his all. I like to think that God is blessed by people like my Dad every day. The Bible does not say he wants to be praised by professional singers; it says that God desires His people to praise Him.

If God’s people do not praise Him, then the rocks of the fields will cry out! I don’t know about you, but I think any person sounds better than a rock crying out. Can you imagine how gravelly that would sound?

So no matter how bad you sing or think that you sing, the next time a choir director calls you over, grab the microphone and give it all you got!

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