Memorial Day

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Right now as I write this, May is in full swing. The weather has warmed up, the sun is out, and the rain has stopped for a little while. I pretty much have all of my shorts, short sleeves, and sleeveless shirts in my dresser, ready to wear.

I spend every moment that I can outside. Winter has never been my friend, nor have I enjoyed many indoor activities for very long during the winter months. But to be outside brings so much enjoyment to me. I use every excuse that I can to go outside, even if it means taking Buddy and Jake for a few more walks. They don’t seem to mind, and neither do I. Besides, most of the TV shows that I watch will be reruns soon. The only thing that could make the situation better was if I was a kid again, running barefoot through a sprinkler. Then again, I don’t really have to be a kid to do that, right?

I’ve got my Mother’s Day card sent to my mom. She lives in the southern end of Missouri, so mail takes a few days to get to her. I plan to hand deliver my Mother’s Day card to my grandma tomorrow. As always, to make grandma laugh, I’ve got one “signed” by Buddy and Jake.

In the end, I’ve suddenly remembered something that I have forgotten. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I will: May isn’t just Mother’s Day. It also has another holiday — Memorial Day.

How could I have possibly forgotten? How easy did I forget? I, like so many others, chose not to serve in the military. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, that’s no excuse for me to forget those who did and are no longer with us.

My grandpa and one of his older brothers are buried near each other at the cemetery in Woodville. It’s right there at the church near the farm that they grew up on. Both served in the military. With Grandma not getting around as well as she used to, I will go put flowers on their graves this year, hopefully with an American flag for each one. As it should be; they deserve to be remembered.

Photo by Adobe Stock/Terrance Emerson