Heart of the Home: First Big Buy Was a Mobile Home

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Photo by Fotolia/RetroClipArt
A mobile home with lime green and avocado accents and wood paneling was a memorable first big purchase.

My first major purchase was a 12-by-52-feet Crimson mobile home that my husband and I bought as newlyweds. We used his woodworking tools as a down payment, and we got a loan for the remaining amount.

We thought the mobile home was wonderful. It had a beautiful bay window in the kitchen, and a pass bar – also called a partial wall – separating the kitchen and living room. Both the bay window and the pass bar made decorating for the holidays easy.

All of the kitchen appliances were avocado. In fact, the entire interior was avocado and lime green, with wood paneling throughout. The paneling was the perfect contrast to the two shades of green. Though it seems strange now, those were the colors for the time – and it seems that everyone was partial to lime green shag carpet as well.

The lime green made the house look nice and bright, and the large windows in the living room made everything seem much bigger.

In the kitchen, we had an electric oven and a gas stove. Even after all these years, I still think that’s the best combination for cooking.

Later, we bought our first car, and we parked it right outside the mobile home.

We made many wonderful memories in that little home before selling it and moving 500 miles away.

To this day, we consider it a good first purchase – and one that we’ve never regretted.

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