My Handbag: It’s Too Big

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By Mel Boone | Jun 18, 2019

I’m admitting a sad fact today. I carry purse that is probably way too big and I think that I really do carry everything but the kitchen sink in it. Then again, maybe I do have the kitchen sink in it, if you count the bottle of Purell and eyeglass cleaner as sink worthy material.

I don’t dare board an airplane with it. The purse may or may not qualify as check baggage. I’m afraid to set it on the scale to see how much the junk inside it weighs. I’m sure whatever that number is, it would scare a couple years off my life.

I should clean it out. You know, discard the junk that I just don’t need to be carrying around with me and regulate what’s left to a much smaller purse. Of course I’ve been saying that for the last two months. As it stands, procrastination is sometimes my best friend and right now it keeps telling me to “just do it tomorrow.”

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I even have a paperback book in it. I carry it with me for the times when my step dad starts his long-winded Chatty Cathy routine with another person that is just as long winded. The book comes in handy providing 1) I can find it in my purse when I need it; and 2) my stepdad ends the conversation before I get done reading the book.

And so it goes with my life.

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