Boyfriend Receives Prank Letter

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Write a prank letter for a simple, yet effective practical joke.

More than five decades ago, I played a joke on my boyfriend. I don’t know what made me do it; I’m generally not a prankster. Anyway, I found myself writing my “sugar lump” a letter that was actually a practical joke.

In the prank letter, I wrote how I’d been wanting to bring something up since we’d been dating for a while, and I felt we were getting serious. I mentioned times and places I’d wanted to discuss it but couldn’t bring myself to broach the subject.

I went on and on, saying it might change our feelings for each other, our future, and even whether we could be friends. Finally, at the end of the letter, I asked, “Do you think Superman will ever lose his strength?”

My roommate and I hid as we watched my boyfriend open his mailbox and open the letter. As he began reading, his face grew pale, he wiped his forehead, and then finally he burst out laughing.

I don’t remember what he did to me in retaliation, but it was worth it to see his expression. He still tells the story after 55 years of marriage. I simply listen and grin.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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