Second World War: President Roosevelt declares war

Woman remembers receiving news of President Roosevelt's declaration over the radio.

| Good Old Days

It was a beautiful September day. Indian summer was really putting on a show, the year was 1939. 

I was busy doing my housework, singing along with the radio, which was about the only means of communication with the outside world. The children were busy playing outside while my husband was out back repairing a sagging-down shed.

Suddenly the music stopped. An excitable voice on the radio said, "Attention folks, President Roosevelt has just declared war!"

I was stunned. Was I hearing right? I listened a minute longer then I ran out to tell my husband. The neighbor was already there, he too had heard. Soon there was a group of people in our yard discussing the announcement. Everyone was stunned. America at war again. The terrible World War I was over in 1918. It was supposed to be a war to end all wars.

Soon our boys were being drafted. The beginning of the second World War was a sad time for all, never knowing if they would return or not.

More supplies were needed - food for our boys overseas. They deserved the best; they were giving their best for our country.

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