Scents of the Season

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By Mel Boone | Oct 2, 2018

Different smells remind me of different holidays. It really does.

Since August, my nose has been bombarded with the scent of pumpkin spice every where I go. Lattes, coffee creamer, tea, candles, body sprays, etc., the list goes on.

My nose has been bombarded with the scent of Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving before October ever got here!

Now, the stores have included the scent of cinnamon and pine needles in with the pumpkin spice scent. Of course, the Christmas displays are out front and center before Halloween has been celebrated.

My nose is working overtime to wade through all the holiday scents in every store that I go to. I don’t relish a cold, but I think my nose would enjoy being stuffy for a couple of days just so it could have some time off.

All in all, I will wade through the Scrooge routine and I will end up a happy person. The scents change with the season.

I know I don’t mind all the different smells. I do enjoy them. I just get overwhelmed at times with so many floating around the air.

Sometimes, I need to step back and take a deep breath of, well, clean fresh air!. That is all that it takes to get me to kick the Scrooge routine and get me back to my normal happy self.

All these holiday scents also remind me that 2018 is almost gone. Where did the time go?

An old year will soon be gone and a new year will begin. Who knows what is in store for any of us, right?

Perhaps I should be more grateful of all of these holiday scents. They can serve as a reminder that I’ve at least made it this far.

With that in mind, I’m hoping for a Christmas of birthday present that smells like wildflowers or maybe lily of the valley. I’m ready for Spring.

Photo by Getty Images/johnandersonphoto