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By Mel Boone

I received in the mail a few days ago, to monthly conservation magazine that I get from the Missouri Department of Conservation. I do enjoy that magazine! In that particular issue was the annual seedling order form.

Oh how I wish I had land of my own! I look through the order form every year with a wish list of trees and shrubs that I yearn to order. I have no land of my own except for what I day dream about.

I know what I would order if I had the land and the money to buy the seedlings. My place would have conifers like the Eastern red ceder, Eastern white pine and Norway spruce.

Hardwoods I would have would be a variety, Black cherry, black walnut, Cottonwood,Kentucky coffee tree, Cherry bard oak, Black oak, White oak and Osage orange Pecan and Persimmon. I’d top off my order with shrubs like the Carolina buckthorn, black haw, American beautyberry and Blackberry.

Perhaps I would even throw in the Deciduous holly, flowering dogwood, Pawpaw, Wild plum and Witch hazel. Boy what a list!

That’s a day dream for me. I know it will never come to be.

Even if I got the land and the money, there’s always the chance that I would or would not live to see the trees or shrubs grow to full maturity. I could only hope for the trees or shrubs to live for those who come after me to enjoy.

That is life. I can only wish, dream and hope. Perhaps there is someone out there that has the land to plant seedlings.

Whoever that is and whoever you are, I hope you do it. Even if your list is different than mine or even your wish list has more/less on it, I hope you follow through and get them and plant them.

The future will be glad that you did.

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Published on Sep 4, 2018