The Joy of Sharing Our Farm With Family

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Dear friends,

A fictional writer in one of prolific author Debbie Macomber’s books said, “Rarely did anything happen to him that didn’t show up in a book sometime, one way or another.” How true of us bloggers! Every time I do something new, or something interesting comes into my life, I excitedly write about it! For instance, I recently asked my Facebook friends what to do with a lifetime of greeting cards. It wasn’t my intention, but when I finished the task, it became my next post. Larry, my editor husband, thinks it a great joke, and calls them my blobs! He says I’m the happiest when I’m writing one of my blobs! However, it is he who insisted that I tell you about the fun we recently had when special visitors came to our farm for a short time.

The reason I’ve hesitated to write this post is because it is just about our family. However, recently I wrote about where you would like to spend one last hour at your childhood home, and many of the comments had to do with being at or with grandparents. So, here goes!

Our youngest son, Jason, and family were in the area and able to visit our farm for the very first time. We didn’t have a lot of daylight left when they arrived, but we tried to show them as much as possible before the sun set.

Jason & Krista with Charlie, Sophie, and 2-year-old Elliott.

The children had a blast running and climbing all over the place.

We headed for the creek showing our orchards and out-buildings along the way.

Charlie loved swinging across the creek!

Sophie was afraid at first, but then declared it “Awesome!

Daddy and Elliott!

Next we headed for the lower field and the natural springs. Why bother to open the gate!

Charlie was fascinated with our hydrants as they were the first he had tried that actually worked!

Sophie was the first to find deer antlers, but each had one or more by the time they left.

The following morning there was a little time to check out the buildings closest to the house.

And let Charlie drive Grandpa’s tractor!

Sophie took a turn, too, but it was too noisy for Elliott.

The above photo was taken sitting in the doorway of the loft. It is my favorite because you can tell that Grandpa and Elliott are great pals!

Sophie: “This is the best farm I’ve ever seen.”

Charlie: “You’ve only seen three.”

Grandpa and Grandma: “We’ll take it!”

I want to thank you for indulging us with all these family photos. We have learned that buying the farm for just such occasions was well worth the money and effort. Don’t forget to take time from all your hard work to make family memories, too!

Photographs by Krista Conley