The Old Bird Feeder

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There’s an old bird feeder that sits just a few feet away from my kitchen window. It was built from scrap pieces of wood and shingles about 20 years ago. It’s seen better days and really needs to be replaced.

Photo by Fotolia/keleny

The wild birds, however, don’t seem to mind. They flock to it every single day. I think they even have their own communication system, letting other birds know exactly when I’ve filled it. Birds come out of nowhere before I get back into the house.

Occasionally, I will get a small bag of bird seed from the grocery store or from one of the big box places like Walmart or Ace Hardware. I do believe I get a larger crowd of birds at the feeder when I get a 50 pound bag of poultry grain from the local MFA along with a small bag of sunflower seeds. Go figure!

Lately, I’ve even set out some ears of corn. A couple ears go into the feeder for the Woodpecker. A couple more go to the tree in the back yard for the squirrels. I love watching the squirrels, but I just assume not see them in the feeder.

Sometimes the birds will get a treat which consists of bread and popcorn. That goes fast. I see a variety no matter what I offer. Sparrows, finches, cardinals, woodpeckers and doves just to name a few.

One of these days, I’ll get back to replacing that old, run down bird feeder. For now, I don’t think the birds really care as long as I keep the “buffet” open for business!