Loved Ones Were There in Time of Need

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Sarah's neighbors let her sleep in their home in her time of need.

My life has been filled with many good things — and still is
today. I had a great marriage, a terrific family, and a job I loved. I truly
couldn’t have asked for more. My husband and I were happily married for more than a
quarter of a century, until he passed away, leaving me to cope with life on my
own. Because my husband, as well as my family and friends, helped mold me into
a strong person, I was able to move on with my life without him. Of course, I
did have help from friends and family, and I’m forever grateful that they were
there for me in my time of need.

My son, who had a growing family of his own at the time, was
there for me whenever I needed anything. He, too, was hurting, and he stopped
by several times a week to make sure I was OK.

Good Neighbors, Good Friends

Friends rallied and helped as only good friends can. Because
I was afraid to stay alone, my neighbor, whom I had been friends with for more
than 20 years, let me sleep at her house for several weeks after I lost my husband.
I would get ready for bed, gather my pillow and walk over to her house each
night about 10 o’clock. Once there, I would watch the news with her and her
husband, and then we would all retire for the night. The next morning, I would
walk home and begin my day. Only the best of friends would have done that — and
she is still that kind of friend.

Now, here I am in the late days of my life. I have the love
and adoration of a son, a grandson and friends, some whom I’ve been friends
with for more than four decades.

I’ve learned to treasure all the good things  and people —
I’ve had in my long life. Yes, indeed, my cup does runneth over.

San Antonio,

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