Time on the Grill

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One of my favorite outdoor activities is being able to use the barbecue grill. I love it! I also have a smoker at home, too. And yes, you guessed it, I love it, too! But, alas, the grilling season will soon come to a close. The cold weather will be here soon.

My stepdad used to do all the grilling. I don’t think he had as much fun at it as I do. He finally decided that since I enjoyed it so much, I could willingly take over “grill duty.” I won’t argue with that. Finally, I may have found something that I am better at than him!

Both the grill and smoker are charcoal burners. I’ve got nothing against propane. In fact, our first grill was propane. There are those who will use only one or the other. Honestly, I’ll use whichever one I can get hold of.

The one thing on my bucket list now that I have a grill and a smoker in my backyard is to have a brick oven. I’ve always wanted to learn how to bake bread and pizza in one of those. I’d like to be able to build one. Of course in this day and age, you can pretty much Google anything. So I guess that’s on my list. Perhaps I can find a DIY book on Amazon, right? I’m sure once I get it built, I’ll totally have fun with it!

All in all it has been a great season this year for me to be outside using my grill. I can’t complain. The summer hasn’t been too hot or too rainy, thank goodness! I still should have a few good weeks left, but I shouldn’t take that to chance. I never really know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve for me.

Photo by Getty Images/Jag_cz