Together with God: Influential Teachers, Classmates

One of my teachers once told me an interesting story that I’ve never forgotten.

One day an old man and his grandson, along with a donkey, left on a journey to town. When they started out, both the man and boy walked, leading the donkey. A passerby remarked that it was a sin not to ride the beast, so the old man lifted his grandson onto the donkey’s back. Soon another passerby said it was disrespectful of the boy to ride and make his grandfather walk. They changed places, and the boy led the donkey as his grandfather rode. Again they were besieged by passersby remarking that the old man should walk and allow the boy a rest.

The moral of the story is that there is often no way to please everyone. It seems no matter what we do, someone will comment on our decision.

Father, thank You for the leaders, teachers and heroes in our lives, and bless them for giving of themselves to help others. Remind us often that we need not be so critical of those around us, but instead give of ourselves. Help us as we strive to enrich our lives by helping others.