Together with God: Unusual Holidays

In my opinion, spending Christmas away from home and family will always rank No. 1 on the unusual holiday scale.

Take a minute to think of our military men and women during the holiday season. They give up so much to serve our country. Their routines are broken, their childhood traditions are denied, and their loved ones are so very far away.

My husband and I had been married for about four years when the occasion arrived that we had to spend Christmas apart. I remember it as if it were yesterday; it was miserable being without him at such a special time of year. It felt as though time had stopped. I refused to open presents or attend events until he returned. I put Christmas on hold until he was home and we could celebrate it together.

Father, thank You for all the Christmases spent with loved ones. Help us to remember how fortunate we are to have our family during the holidays. Keep our military personnel in your blessings always, and at this time of the year grant them special miracles of love and joy. Remember those who are away from their Christmas traditions, and remind them that they are loved and appreciated for all they do. Amen.