Together With God: Wedding Memories

I’m not a person who likes to have all eyes on me, so a big wedding in a church filled with spectators was quite intimidating.

Everything was going fine – my dress was perfect, my father walked me down the aisle, and my mother sat in the pew dabbing her eyes. However, when my father passed me off to my groom, Bill, I forgot to give my flower bouquet to the maid of honor.

As Bill and I started up the steps to the altar, I still held the bouquet in my left hand, while my right hand held Bill’s arm, leaving no free hand with which to lift my dress. Three steps up we heard the sound of my dress ripping from the waist because I was walking on it. We stopped, and Bill leaned over and whispered, “What do we do?” I told him to back up, so we backed down the steps, and I handed the bouquet to my maid of honor. Then I lifted the bottom of my dress, and we started up the steps again.

In the reception line after the wedding, we heard a chorus of jokes as one after another guest commented on our three steps forward, three steps back routine. Now, 34 years later, we still hear the jokes.

Father, thank You for the years of love, humor and memories of our wedding day. Bless all those who trip down the aisle, sit in the cake, or step on a dress, that they, too, may rise above the embarrassment of the moment and learn to enjoy the humor. – Amen.