Together with God: Dad’s Advice

My nephew Brian is a new father. I watched him recently as he stared at his son sleeping in his arms. When I asked what he was thinking, he said he was thinking about all the things he had to teach his son.

Brian is only 24 and still seems like a child himself. Now that he’s a father, he’s feeling overwhelmed with responsibility. He’s scared, but he’ll do fine, because he knows that love is the most important thing he can teach his son.

Fathers play an important role in our lives. Not only do they act as our protectors, they also teach us about life, giving us a moral code to follow. They tell us to eat our peas and wear a seat belt, and they give us a curfew. Fathers are also there to teach us how to ride a bike and drive a car.

Father, thank You for all the fathers in the world. Guide them as they help lead us down the right path – the path that leads to You. Give them strength for the times they worry about our safety and the choices we make. Help us honor them for their dedication and sacrifice. Amen.