Father’s Trinkets Cherished Today

My dad used to love going to auctions and sales. He would always bring home a box of miscellaneous items. We teased him about his box of junk because they were things no one else wanted. He would just smile and say, “Someday they will be worth something.”

Now, years later, the junk Dad brought home is the same kind of items we find in antique stores marked with expensive prices. My sister and I like to shop for antiques and collectibles, but we also like to hunt for bargains. We blame Dad for our shopping bug. We joke that it’s in our blood.

Our family cherishes the items Dad collected, and we wish we could pay a dollar a box for the items we find today.

As we shop for our treasures, Dad’s words ring in our ears, “That will be worth something someday.”

Oxford, Neb.