Wife Pulls Video Prank on Husband

A wife switches tapes on her husband when she pulls this video prank.

| March/April 2012

  • Video Tape
    This video prank involved showing an exercise program instead of a religious one.
    Elena Okhremenko/Fotolia

  • Video Tape

My husband has always been the prankster of the family, and while I’d tried many times to pay him back for the practical jokes he’d played on me, I was never quite successful. Well, until about 10 years ago, that is, when opportunity came knocking on the door.

My husband had agreed to fill in one night for our regular Bible study teacher, and at the time, we were going through a video series on Jerusalem. Wanting to be well-prepared and make a good impression, my husband brought the video home to review ahead of time, carefully making notes of things to discuss.

After reviewing the tape several times, my husband put it back in its case and put the case by the front door. Then he went to change for the meeting. That’s when I switched out the Jerusalem tape for one of my exercise videos.

That night at the meeting, my husband gave a nice introduction to the Jerusalem video, and then everyone turned their eyes on the TV. A moment later, five women in leotards filled the screen. Everyone laughed, but my husband’s face registered panic and shock. I finally got my “gotcha” moment!

Olathe, Kansas

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