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The Old Family Farm

The old Roe farm I guess you can say that there are two types of farms. There are big corporate farms, and then there are the family farms. I'm glad to have had grandparents who owned a small family farm.There are so many memories of that farm that I couldn't possibly list them all. Even though ...

The Joy of Sharing Our Farm With Family

Dear friends,A fictional writer in one of prolific author Debbie Macomber’s books said, “Rarely did anything happen to him that didn’t show up in a book sometime, one way or another.” How true of us bloggers! Every time I do something new, or something interesting comes into my life, I ...

Harvesting Liquid Gold

The fall honey harvest is the culmination of extreme effort for the bees that we are privileged to have on our farm. A single hive of bees can produce about 100 pounds of honey depending on conditions in any given year. The hive is made up of several types of bees. The following description is ...

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