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Year-Round Gardening Tasks

“The Backyard Gardener” by Kelly Orzel (Lyons Press, 2017) is a comprehensive gardening guide that offers useful advice to help readers build their confidence and know-how. This excerpt from chapter 6 shares what to do in each season and month to prepare and tend to your garden. Buy ...

Urban Farmstead Friends

I sometimes wonder if consumers know why their patio pots thrill my soul. I mean, here I am on this big ole farm watching the cows and donkeys graze and I think their patio pots are amazing?Yes, indeed, patio pots and city gardens and backyard coops (if your city allows it) absolutely delight ...

As Simple As Carrots?

I was raised around homegrown food! My Grandparents loved to grow things. Grandma grew flowers and fruit. Grandpa loved to grew vegetables, fields and fields of alfalfa hay and sunflowers! He was always happy to dig up potatoes, so excited at how many there were. He would grin from ear to ...